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Improve your security with cost-effective staff e-learning courses
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Maintain compliance while improving security

Our hassle-free, cost-effective e-learning courses constantly reinforce the importance of compliance and security, develop good habits and put you on course to achieve and maintain your accreditations, such as PCI DSS and ISO 27001.

E-learning is a cost-effective, flexible and efficient means of delivering staff awareness training to a large number of people.
Complex concepts are explained using practical and non-technical terminology, making it easier for non-technical staff to understand.
Delegates can go at their own pace and work around existing workloads.
Our e-learning solutions can be rebranded and certain content customised to suit the needs of a particular organisation.
The user-friendly dashboard requires minimal administration.
The course content is offered by the industry leader in cyber security and IT governance.

My company purchased the online information security module to assist in achieving ISO 27001 certification. The support received from IT Governance made the process of all staff completing the module smooth and speedy. The external auditors were impressed with the content of the module. I would definitely use them again!

Clare McArdle, Project Manager, Achilles Information Limited

Features & Benefits


Monitor Progress

Monitor your staff’s progress by simply logging into your dashboard.

Assessment and certification

Multiple-choice test to assess the understanding of the topic and awards a printable certificate when the test is passed. Staff can retake the test until they pass.

Minimal disruption to everyday working

Staff learn at their own pace, working around existing workloads, rereading areas they didn’t understand the first time around, or skipping parts they already know.


No travel and accommodation expenses. All you need to attend the course is an Internet connection and your desk.


Our e-learning solutions can be rebranded to match your corporate identity, to provide your employees an authentic experience and to reinforce important brand messages.

Multiple hosting options

Can be deployed in your own network or we can host this for you on our servers.


The course has really helped our team to get an overview of information security. It covers all the basics well and has led into the wider ISO27001 policies we have produced. The speed to have the course setup and users created was incredible, and a big help in our tight timescales - thank you! It has served the purpose we purchased it for excellently and we would like to keep using it with all new starters and as a refresher course later on.

James Allen, Information Security Manager, CABCE Ltd

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Further information

For more information about our e-learning courses – including their advantages, unique features and how they could benefit your organisation – please take a look at our e-learning guide.


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