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Free infographic: How to spot a phishing email

We look at some of the most popular tactics cyber criminals use, and how you can avoid taking the bait.

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Free infographic: 5 top tips to ensure your staff comply with the GDPR

5 top tips to ensure your staff comply with the GDPR

What can you do to ensure employees are GDPR compliant? We give you our five top tips.

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Free Infographic: What are the major types of cyber attack?

This infographic gives you an overview of the most common types of cyber attack.

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Free guide: Staff awareness e-learning courses

Download our free e-learning guide today to find out how our courses can benefit your organisation.

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Free guide: Bespoke Learning Solutions: A five-step approach

In this free guide, we explore bespoke e-learning solutions and how they can help you achieve the best results from your security awareness training.

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Free Quiz: How to Spot a Phishing Attack

Find out if you and your staff know how to spot and respond to a phishing attack with our quiz.

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Free Quiz: Health and safety staff awareness

Do your employees know the common health and safety risks within the workplace?
Find out with our free quiz!

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Security Bulletin – Security news for e-learning users

Take a look at one of our Security Bulletins. A monthly subscription is included with all e-learning course purchases.

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Case Studies

Carlsberg Bespoke E-learning Case Study

Download the case study to find out what Carlsberg needed from their bespoke staff awareness e-learning programme.

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