Compliance E-Learning Solutions

Staff awareness training is an essential component of compliance. Ensuring your staff understand their obligations not only helps ensure your organisation can demonstrate to auditors that it has fulfilled its legal and regulatory requirements, it also helps keep your organisation safe, secure and operationally effective.

Created by experts and used by more than 100,000 professionals worldwide, our online compliance e-learning courses are an interactive and engaging way to meet your obligations while educating your employees.

Our courses have been designed to meet specific legal and regulatory requirements, and are regularly updated to ensure they remain relevant and up to date.

Off-the-shelf compliance e-learning courses

Features and benefits

Our off-the-shelf compliance e-learning training courses include the following features:

 Flexible hosting

Our courses are hosted on our LMS (learning management system), where you will be given your own space, which can be branded with your logo and company colours – or you can host them on your own LMS.


We will maintain e-learning courses hosted on our LMS and updates will be rolled out to all hosted clients.

If you choose to host an e-learning course on your own LMS, you will receive the standard, unbranded e-learning and assessment files. However, you will not receive any updates and will need to purchase the course again for the latest content.


The e-learning course files hosted on our LMS will be the same for all clients. Each client will have a space in the course layout to add any information they need, such as links and contact details.


Courses hosted on our LMS are brand agnostic. The LMS itself will have the default GRC eLearning branding, which can be edited by your administrator.

By choosing GRC eLearning, you will benefit from:

 Easily accessible, expert content

All of our courses have been developed by experts to convey key aspects of information and cyber security best practice, and encourage compliance with relevant laws, regulations and standards.

Our course content has been designed to be accessible to all: complex subjects are simplified, and users can learn at their own pace, wherever they are.

 Auditable assessment

It’s easy to monitor your staff’s progress through their compliance e-learning training courses. You can track participation and results through the dashboard, and access records of training for audit purposes.

 Digital badges

Your employees can add a digital badge to email signatures and social media profiles to demonstrate their knowledge.