What is email security?

Email security describes the techniques an organisation can use to keep sensitive information in its email accounts secure against unauthorised access, loss or compromise. Cyber criminals often target victims via email, using techniques such as malware, spam and phishing attacks to get them to reveal personal information.

With increasing numbers of cyber attacks, it is critical for businesses to evaluate the risks. According to the 2018 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report:

  • 30% of phishing messages are opened by targeted users, and 12% of those users click on the malicious attachment or link.
  • Ransomware is the top variety of malicious software, 39% involved malware.
  • 68% of breaches took months or longer to discover.
  • 85% of organisations have suffered from phishing attacks.

Why you need email security

Email security is necessary for your organisation, especially if you hold sensitive data.

To avoid falling victim, your organisation must implement the following security measures:

  • Educate staff on information security risks.
  • Use and change them regularly.
  • Use encryption to protect your email content and attachments.
  • Use spam filters.
  • Use tools to scan your messages and block emails containing malware.
  • Never open an attachment or click a link if you don’t know the sender; you should also be wary of emails that appear to be from someone you know but have unusual content.


How e-learning can help

If you want to learn more about email security, consider our Phishing Staff Awareness E-learning Course. Educate your employees and give them the information they need to avoid a cyber attack.