Negligent users are organisations’ single largest concern

According to recent research from KnowBe4, negligent users are the primary concern for 92% of the 350 global organisations surveyed, with 12% admitting that the issue keeps them up at night.

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Key findings:
  • There was a 70% overlap between organisations with no proper security culture in place and those that had major concerns about negligent users.
  • Security awareness training and phishing testing topped the list of security initiatives that need to be implemented (80%).
  • Users (67%), phishing (31%) and email (29%) were organisations’ most common concerns.

KnowBe4 CEO Stu Sjouwerman said:

2018 was a prolific year for successful cyberattacks, and many of them were caused by human error. IT organisations are tasked with establishing and maintaining a layered security defence. The largest concern, as demonstrated again in this report, is employees making errors. Organisations must start with establishing a security culture, and in order to combat the escalation of social engineering, they have to ensure users are trained and tested.

Can you afford not to train your staff?

KnowBe4’s findings reiterate the importance of staff awareness training; even basic training has the potential to prevent future security incidents. Remember, it only takes one lapse of judgement or one click from an unsuspecting user for your organisation to be caught out.

It’s important to prioritise the areas where a lack of action leaves your organisation most exposed. With users identified as the primary concern, it’s imperative that organisations educate their employees about the dangers of phishing and other cyber attacks.

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