Free webinar: Creating an effective cyber security awareness programme

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing a staff awareness webinar from our sister company, IT Governance.

A recent report revealed that employees pose the biggest threat to data security, so it’s crucial that your organisation has an effective staff awareness programme in place that encompasses all employees, informing them of potential threats and how to avoid them.

This week, we’re introducing the first webinar in the series: “Creating an effective cyber security awareness programme”.

When organisations look to initiate a compliance programme, the ‘people’ factor is often overlooked or considered an afterthought, when people are actually the first line of defence. This free webinar has been developed to help organisations implement an effective security awareness programme.

Learn how to:

  • Understand your organisation’s learning needs;
  • Motivate your audience to commit to your staff awareness campaign;
  • Deploy cost-effective resources for optimal results;
  • Transfer knowledge to the workplace and achieve behavioural change;
  • Evaluate success and continually improve your programme; and
  • Maintain awareness and best practice in the long term.

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