Annual report reveals phishing attack increase

Proofpoint’s fifth annual ‘State of the Phish’ report analysed millions of simulated phishing emails and 15,000 survey responses from information security professionals in order to provide an in-depth analysis on the state of global phishing attacks.

83% of global respondents reported experiencing a phishing attack, a 9% increase on the previous year.

Of the information security professionals surveyed:

  • 83% had experienced phishing attacks in 2018 (a 76% increase from 2017);
  • 49% experienced vishing and/or smishing (a 45% increase from 2017); and
  • 64% had experienced spear phishing attacks (a 53% increase from 2017).

Other interesting results demonstrated that employee education needs to be improved – only 66% of those surveyed identified phishing correctly, with only 45% identifying ransomware, 23% identifying smishing, and 18% identifying vishing correctly.

Joe Ferrara, general manager of security awareness training at Proofpoint, said::

Email is the top cyberattack vector, and today’s cybercriminals are persistently targeting high-value individuals who have privileged access or handle sensitive data within an organization. As these threats grow in scope and sophistication, it is critical that organizations prioritize security awareness training to educate employees about cybersecurity best practices and establish a people-centric strategy to defend against threat actors’ unwavering focus on compromising end users.

Improve employee knowledge

To address the lack of employee awareness, organisations must educate staff in a manner that provides them with the knowledge and confidence to act in an appropriate and secure way.

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