2018’s most clicked phishing subject lines

Security awareness training organisation KnowBe4 has compiled a list of the most clicked phishing email subject lines from 2018.

Phishing is one of the most common types of cyber crime, and one that everybody needs to be aware of. Unlike most attacks, which target technological vulnerabilities, phishing exploits human weaknesses. Crooks send emails attempting to trick people into downloading malware or handing over sensitive information.

The research revealed that the most clicked social media subject lines were messages from LinkedIn (39%), followed by Facebook (18%). This find is worrying, considering that many employees have connected their LinkedIn account to their work email address.

The most common subject lines included:

  • Password Check Required Immediately (19%)
  • Your Order with Amazon.com/Your Amazon Order Receipt (16%)
  • Announcement: Change in Holiday Schedule (11%)

Perry Carpenter, KnowBe4’s chief evangelist and strategy officer, commented:

The fact that we saw ‘password’ subject lines clicked four out of four quarters shows us that users are concerned about security. Likewise, users clicked on messages about company policies and deliveries each quarter showing a general curiosity about issues that matter to them. Knowing this information gives corporate IT departments tangible data to share with their users and to help them understand how to think before they click.

These findings demonstrate that employees must remain vigilant and always think before they click. Organisations should provide them with the knowledge and confidence necessary to identify and respond to phishing attacks appropriately.

Improve employees’ knowledge

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